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How to add quotes to демо счет транзак table… To view the quotes, open the Instruments table, selecting Tables - Instruments in the Main menu Hover over the empty field of the open table Instruments, демо счет транзак to open the context menu and left-click on Select instruments In the open window you can the select market you are interested in and add instruments to the table, both separate instruments демо счет транзак the selected segment.

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How to view instrument detail The platform contains демо счет транзак necessary information about the instruments, from a brief description of the issuer to brokerage commissions and trading schedule. Демо счет транзак open details hover over the bar of the Instrument you are interested in, right-click and select Instruments details from the context menu Демо счет транзак information about the selected instrument will be displayed in the open window.

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When you click the Reference button see picture below a page with additional instrument details, including brokerage rates, trading schedule, description of the issuer, etc. How to place a trading order A trading order can be placed in several ways Double-click the left mouse button on the bar of the instrument with the same name to open the so-called order book Overview of the elements Own orders— демо счет транзак the case Level II quotes your limit order will be displayed демо счет транзак the order book Sum— in case of Level II quotes of the US market when ticking the box the same quotes from different exchanges or ECN will be displayed as a sum in one bar.

Основные модули платформы

Full description is available in the detailed Transaq helpopened by pressing F1. Order mode can also be opened from the Portfolio, Deals and Orders tables.

Новичкам, открывшим демо-счет в Финам, доступны для торговли: Поэтому трейдеры могут освоить нюансы торговли и анализа, а также ознакомиться со спецификой работы с различными базовыми активами.

How to add new user Screen The platform allows you to create several working screens for easy arrangement of various tables and modes. In the window that opened you can add, delete and modify available working screens using the Add, Properties, and Delete buttons.

Быстрая настройка Transaq (урок №1)

How to open a Chart In order to демо счет транзак a new Chart t select New chart from the context menu by right-clicking on the bar of the corresponding instrument in the Instruments table. To monitor a демо счет транзак open the context menu by right-clicking the Charts box after hovering it. This menu allow you: To change chart period To make settings To change the scale.

User interface settings You can open a Portfolio by pressing F7 or F9.

Обучающие сервисы TRANSAQ

Overall assessment of the portfolio: This example shows that the required margin is USD 2, Portfolio columns: Instrument— name of a financial instrument Price currency— currency of financial instrument quote Incoming position— position available on an account at the beginning of a trading day, i. The example in the picture shows that Pos.

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Registration Number: All promotions, materials and information of this website may have applied conditions. Please contact the Company for further details www.

Финам (Transaq Demo)

Trading on financial markets carries risks. The value of the investments can both increase and decrease and the investors may lose all their investment capital.

демо счет транзак

In case of a leveraged product, the loss may be more than the initial capital invested. Detailed information on risks associated with trading on financial markets can be found in full risk disclosure.

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